Customers screaming and competitors claim they can soon deliver! The small company’s future is at stake, but the robot is set to thread nuts. We are now serching Sweden’s best teams can trim the robot to an audience to show that it can cope with the challenges. Here you can read more about the contest requirements described below are subject to minor changes.

What is the contest requirements, more specifically?

  • Programming a robot to perform a number of challenges

In order to save the small company has relocated to act Innovatum Production Technical Center in Trollhättan, where work is underway to install the robot in place. Fortunately, the law can familiarize themselves with the competition environment by simulating, but the end of the competition live demonstration is made with natural products and an audience!

Output State of the Act is available ABB Robot Studio simulation environment and Microsoft Visual Studio, which means that programming with C #, is close at hand.

How does it on race day?

On the day of the race teams gathered at Innovatum  Production Technology Center, Trollhattan(Map), where there is ample support and the environments that facilitate the work.

The small company needs help with several parts of the manufacturing process:

Included components are supplied by a subcontractor that has confused several orders – can handle a robot to select the right components? They must in turn be placed in the correct template – the staff are trembling and refusing to take a chance, instead, they suggest that a steady robot to do the job.

The exact challenges, for example, to program the robot so that the stacks of things in a certain way, given the introduction of competition day.

How do we win?

A jury assess the results based on pre-set criteria where time is one of several decisive factor – which team has time most? In addition, the jury assesses a more qualitative task sleep teams present at the end of the race weekend. First prize in Sweden Robot Hack is this year a scholarship of 10.000 SEK.

How does the schedule look like?

The contest will be held November 12 in Innovatum Production Technical Center in Trollhättan, and regular information will be provided on this site. Here you can see the preliminary schedule

The teams sign up last October 22 2016. Sign you here!

On November 12, the teams will surface so that they can prepare for the various challenging moments, and if you wanna write generic applications that can adapt detail when the exact data published on the day of the race. The scale of the preparations will determine you and your team themselves, and it’s more about getting an insight in advance to implement the bulk of the work on the race weekend.

How do we ensure that we are prepared in general?

In summary, it can be an advantage if the Act is:

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows Programming
  • Get acquainted with one of the .NET programming languages C # or Visual Basic.NET
  • Vana from object-oriented programming

What should we take with us?